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Glucophage (metformin HCL) 

MetforminThe drug belongs to a group of drugs called the  biguanides. A group of antihyperglyceimic drugs.  Others include Buformin and Phenformin. These  drugs increase the transport of blood sugar  across the cell membrane into muscle cells. The  action works by positively effecting cellular  insulin sensitivity.

Metformin is very similar to Phenformin that is also an oral hypoglycemic except that Phenformin is considered the harsher of the two compounds. Phenformin is considered to be from 5 - 10 times stronger than Glucophage at what it does for the body on a mg. per mg. comparison. Glucophage has significantly less side effects than Phenformin has as well. The chance for an overdose causing hypoglycemia with the use of Glucophage is dose related whereas you almost have to take a lethal dose. It is common knowledge that Glucophage will increase insulin sensitivity as well. Most bodybuilders use Metformin for its “safety.”

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