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Is working out harmful for kids and adolescents


Is working out harmful for kids and adolescentsI read a lot about weighttraining/bodybuilding etc cause it interest me since I was a kid. Originating from martial arts into bodybuilding and powerlifting I have a broad vision on muscular development. That’s why this really bothers me. I read an article in the Dailymail from the United Kingdom. This article is from 2014, but 4 years ago a similar article about the same twins was also published by The Dailymail. Its rather negative story, as mostly when it concerns bodybuilding.

The scope of the stories where on a dad that wanted to exploit his sons. The family lives in Romania. Romania is a poor country and most people are unable to find a job to make a decent living. I just made a blog post on Calisthenics. Calisthenics are mostly still incorporated in strength training regimes in Eastern Europe. On the pictures made of the family Stroe for the articles, you can see the boys performing calisthenics, thus a safe and healthy life style. The media should concentrate on things that really matter. . I also recently posted a blogpost called “Performance-enhancing Drugs and Teen Athletes” picturing Richard Sandrak. Richard can’t be missed in an article on teen to adolescent training. But more on that later in this blogpost

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