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The Causes Of Acne


The Causes Of AcneIf you search the net for side-effects of anabolic androgenic Steroids (AAS) you will find many different opinions on the cause. And mostly you’ll find the pictures of this young (21) bodybuilder. Mostly used by offenders of steroid use.

In the countless threads on the discussion boards you can find a lot of bro-science. Like: “Acne is primarily genetically based -- some get it on back and shoulders, some get on the face, The Causes Of Acnesome don’t get anything -- you don't just get acne from aas -- I have never had so much as a pimple from taking anything. Yet my back was covered at one point in high school when I was 100% drug free--Your reading too much about the dangers of aas --I've never gotten acne, lost hair, gyno -- Never had any of that and the vast majority of users I know don't really either give or take some occasional acne. “

There also exist many discussions on pro-bodybuilders using enormous amounts of gear without any acne. Visible acne that is. Well most guys know that pictures a modified. Not only those of models and Playboy bunnies, but also the pictures of bodybuilders in the magazine, PhotoShop, you know.. Still it’s not hard to find pics of pro-bodybuilders covered with acne. Here I posted a picture of Dennis Wolf, but also Dorian Yates and others are not too hard to find.

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