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It’s now obvious that peptides and peptide fragments caused a real bodybuilding and sport doping revolution. Because pharmaceutical companies where unable to bring their products to the market, clever China based companies marketed the peptides. Many people where bashing these peptides and repeated the words of "scientists" that just like the days of early steroid usage.

On the message and discussion boards people reported mixed results. I recently found out that one of the biggest suppliers of Blue Top growth hormone, sold his vials dosed as 2-4-6-8 and 10 iu´s . Most people buy their peptides domestic, via online shops or "pharmacies" or via Chinese middle-men. And the fact that you pay for a 10 iu vial doesn´t mean that you get a 10 iu vial. And the fact that all the different peptides bear different colored tops and most of them just blue tops, doesn´t tell you anything about its content. Analyses often showed us surprising results. Just like it gave us laughs when someone mailed me that his " IGF-LR3" gave him erections and that he felt that he was tanning. “Do you think it’s real? “ Its therefore not surprising that not everyone is enthusiastic.

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